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onsdag 29 februari 2012

Nu avslöjar vi den tredje klara artisten nämligen.... Ays'N'Beez

Då var det dags att avslöja den tredje klara artisten, eller som i det här fallet gruppen, nämligen hiphop duon Ays'N'Beez. Ays'N'Beez är högaktuella med sitt nya album "Escapades" som släpps på Spotify och iTunes den 15 mars. Om ni är nyfikna så kan ni redan nu lyssna på deras första album "The Epidemic" HÄR

Ays'N'Beez kommer från Norrköping och består av producenterna/rapparna Afiix och Blezz, som även är en del av hiphop kollektivet Eastville. Så här beskriver de sig själva och sin historia:

"Ays'n'Beez are rappers/producers Affix and Blezz from the crew Eastville also consisting of Tape-Roc, Flinta, Saulus & Kush Foreal. Born and raised in the small industrial town of Norrköping, Sweden also known in local hiphop lingo as Rusty P (P for Peking, folkly nickname for the city), the two met eachother through their common love for boombap style hiphop. 

In the mid to late 90s, the town was for some reason a gathering point for hiphop artists around the country, whether it was graffiti writers, breakdancers, djs or emcees. Soaking in the inspiration of the arts from a young age attending jams and looking up to the older performers, it didn't take long before the hunger to take part of the movement grew bigger. Skipping ahead a few years, Affix came over to Blezz's apartment for a drunken session a cold winter night and the chemistry between the two was above all expectations. One song quickly grew to a whole album and within a couple of months the first project "The epidemic" was completed and released through the internet (find it on spotify) and on cassette. With a slightly odd take on golden age hiphop, Ays'n'Beez set their own influence to it with raw, to some "off" drums and simplistic interesting and dreamy samples. With a steadily developing sound, they're back with an at times more melodically arranged album to soak you in to a new imaginary journey yet with logical takes on reality. 

You will never know exactly what to expect from these guys, but you can be sure it'll be some good music. Escapades is a natural sequel to the Epidemic, with guidelines not stricter than capturing the inspiration of the moment. And it is there, in the random thoughts and airspaces between these two fluttery minds that magic is born."

Ays'N'Beez spelar fredagen den 27 juli!

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